Delivering strategic regulatory services through long term partnerships


The Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medical Device Industries are evolving at a very fast pace and thus the Regulatory Affairs function is constantly changing. As a consequence of this many of the various obligations once related to internal staff are now being outsourced or automated by AI technology.

A strategic alliance with a competent partner can bring substantial business impact, such as improved, scalable resourcing for variability in demand, and greater efficiency and effectiveness through improvement in process efficiencies and cost reduction across the function.

From regulatory process transformation to digital strategy, short-term regulatory affairs consulting to ongoing managed services, Freyr experts can help you navigate through the regulatory landscape with ease addressing your business goals. We have knowledge of protocols, standards and current trends in the regulatory market. The fact that our RA professionals work closely with FDA, EMA, Health Canada and other regulatory agencies means you proactively get to know the regulatory climate.

Today Freyr is a trusted partner, providing end-to-end Regulatory services, across Top 20 global brands for 6 of the Forbes* Global Top 10 Fortune 500 Healthcare / Life Sciences, Mid-market Bio Pharma, and Several Small-Medium, Fast Growing Life Sciences companies, CROs and Standards agencies.

  • 80% of Fryer’s customers are engaged in Strategic, Multi-Year, Regulatory Partnership with long term,  guaranteed, cost and benefit value gain
  • Freyr envisions the growth based on this core strategy and heavily invests in fulfilling continuous value-driven partnerships with its customers
  • Freyr focuses on providing quality advice and building strong relationships with our clients through a highly iterative process.
  • Freyr collaborates with our customers for each project by nurturing a resilient consultation program. We believe in building long-term relationships and many of our current clients have chosen to pursue multiple projects with us.