Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) Submissions

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Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) Submissions - Overview

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) is the gateway for generic medicinal products to establish their therapeutic equivalence to innovator/branded drugs in terms of quality, safety, and efficacy, offering a cost-effective alternative. The United States, recognizing the potential of the generic medicines market actively promotes the expansion of generic manufacturers by encouraging them to register their generics through the ANDA filing process using the 505(j) route of the ANDA filing process.

The ANDA filing process and ANDA Regulatory approval is a crucial step in the generic drug approval.  However, considering the US FDA’s ever-evolving ANDA submission requirements, it is challenging for manufacturers to decode the guidelines and adhere to specific requirements such as product development by QbD approach, Module 2 in QBR format, and the GDUFA program implementation. Due to this, it has become necessary for manufacturers to involve Regulatory Affairs experts from the initial product development stage for timely registration, quicker approval, life cycle management, and the ANDA filing process.

Freyr is a trustworthy Regulatory partner for cost-effective, RTR (Refuse-to-Receive) compliant, and on-time submissions and approvals. Freyr can play a key role in speeding up the US FDA review process for an ANDA approval. With a clear-cut understanding of the ANDA submissions requirements and a holistic risk management approach, Freyr helps you explore the shortest route and timeframe to put your products on the market safely, aiming at ultimate commercial success. With regards to ANDA services Freyr’s capabilities include the following:

Freyr Expertise and Advantages

ANDA Submissions - Freyr Expertise

  • Strategic support for ANDA submission roadmaps/ANDA filing process and supporting document generation for ANDA submission Process.
  • Regulatory consultation during product development & manufacturing phase for selection of RLD/Reference Standard, review of specifications for APIs/in-process controls/finished product, product development report using QbD principles, process validation protocol/report, stability study, compliance to IIG database, Q1/Q2 compliance for parenteral, otics, & ophthalmic, and guidance on batch size requirements.
  • Preparation/review of ANDA submission strategy and guidance on risk mitigation plans.
  • Pre-submission FDA interactions and walkthrough support in control correspondences.
  • Pre-submission administrative activities like facility identification, request for DUNS/FEI/ANDA Application numbers, etc.
  • Sharing of Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) documents checklist.
  • Gap analysis/Regulatory assessment of generated source data for Regulatory adequacy.
  • Guidance on the generation of additional/missing documents for Refuse to Receive (RTR)/GDUFA compliance.
  • SPL submission for facility establishment, drug listing, and renewals.
  • Compilation of quality ANDA package as per the current FDA and RTR requirements, publishing, and submission in the eCTD format via the FDA ESG.
  • Interaction/follow-ups with the US FDA for the ANDA Regulatory approval process.
  • Support in resolving critical RTR (Refuse-to-Receive) issues.
  • Regulatory strategy and response preparation for queries (IRs/DRL/CRLs) during the ANDA approval process.